The International prize “Global Energy” 2006 will be awarded to three scientists from Russia, France and Japan for their seminal work on the ITER project. The laureates Dr. Robert Aymar (France), the Russian academic Evgenii Velikhov and Dr. Masaji Yoshikawa (Japan), are honoured “for the development of the scientific and engineering foundation for building ITER”.

The three laureates will receive their prize during a ceremony that will take place on the 13th of June in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in the presence of President Putin. The laureates will share the award money, worth 1.1 million US$. The prize was first instituted in 2003 with the support of the three leading Russian energy corporations Gazprom, United Energy Systems of Russia and the Yukos Oil Company. In 2005 Surgutneftegas joined the group of institutors while the Yukos Oil Company left.

The directors of these companies are on the Board of Trustees, to which belongs another prominent person, the former Russian president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Michail Gorbachev. The Prize Award Committee contains three Nobel laureates.