From left to right top row: Duarte Borba (EFDA), Giuseppe Mazzitelli(ENEA), Ruggero Giannella(EU), Par Strand (ITM Leader), Jerome Pamela (EFDA Leader), Silvio Migliori (ENEA), Andrei Maslennikov(CASPUR), From left to right bottom row: Francesco Iannone (ENEA), Dante Giammattei (ENEA), Roberto Guadagni (ENEA)

One of the aims of the EFDA Task Force on Integrated Tokamak Modelling (ITM) is to provide the EU fusion specialists with a complete and flexible suite of reliable software tools and codes that will enable the emulation, preparation and analysis of future ITER plasma discharges. To supply the required hardware and software resources, EFDA has launched the Gateway Project as the first computing facility to be jointly used by the EFDA Associates. The Gateway has been projected to allow the ITM Task Force members to work together on a common platform and share their codes, development tools and technologies.

The Gateway is a relatively small (1 TFlops) installation which is not meant for massive computation but offers other features essential for development activities, such as fast access and a powerful shared storage capacity of ~100 TByte. The facility has been supplied and is operated by ENEA, one of the EFDA Associates, with financial support from Euratom. It is hosted at the ENEA/CRESCO premises in Portici (near Naples, Italy). The operation benefits from full scale system support from the inter-university computing consortium CASPUR.

The project has been very successful, with the facility completed on schedule. The Gateway will be updated in a few months when the high performance computing cluster will be equipped with AMD QuadCore Barcelona processors.

The Gateway cluster is composed of a front end system of 3 computing nodes, where users can log on in an interactive way and 16 worker nodes able to run parallel applications for tokamak modelling. The front-end nodes may be accessed by ITM users through the unique dynamic “” address. More details about Gateway architecture can be found at the website

Furthermore, ENEA offers free access to the ITM Task Force, for a limited time, to CRESCO, ENEA’s supercomputer (25 Tflops peak rate), for scalability tests and benchmarking.

The Gateway Project Board met at Portici on 1 February 2008, accepting the commissioned system and declaring the official start of Operation.