At its latest meeting held in Otaniemi, Finland on 4-5 June 2007, the EFDA Steering Committee addressed a number of important matters. Key points on the very busy agenda were the outcome of the 2006 EFDA work programmes monitoring which was fairly positive, with significant progress in a number of areas and very fruitful campaigns on JET, exploiting new equipment recently installed. Also urgent activities in support of ITER construction have been approved to be performed using the existing EFDA instruments, pending the entry into force of the new Joint Undertaking “Fusion for Energy”. New Task Force Leaders and Deputies have been appointed for the 2008 JET Experimental Campaigns. Concerning the new EFDA, which is expected to enter into force after summer, the EFDA Steering Committee has approved the Work-Plan for 2007-2011 as well as several elements of the 2008 EFDA Work Programme. Furthermore, the way advice will be organised to the EFDA Steering Committee has been approved, including the setting-up of a new Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC), with new terms of reference in line with the new missions of EFDA. A report of the Expert Group on high performance computing has been presented and should pave the way for future decisions in this area, with the aim of developing joint European modelling capabilities in support of fusion research. In preparation of future EFDA activities, the EFDA Steering Committee decided to set-up Ad Hoc Groups on socio-economics and on the assessment of risks related to the JET enhancement programme. Finally, the Steering Committee endorsed a proposal from the EFDA Leader on the organisation of the EFDA programmatic input to a review of facilities, to be launched by Euratom by the turn of the year.