CIEMAT scientist Iván Calvo receives award for young theoretical physicist

Iván Calvo is a Research Scientist at CIEMAT and works on theoretical aspects of microturbulence in fusion plasmas in both tokamaks and stellarators. In January he was informed that he will be distinguished for his ‘intellectual skills, demonstrated in his publications and activities in scientific fields of high complexity like the physics of plasmas and magnetic confinement fusion.’ “It is a great honour to receive this recognition,” Iván Calvo says. “The prizes of the Royal Physical Society of Spain have been awarded since 1958, and the prizes to young physicists since 1968. The jury comprises respected researchers, and excellent scientists have received the prize over the years. I am flattered to see my name in the same list as theirs.”

Iván Calvo has been studying fusion plasmas since he joined CIEMAT in 2006. Prior to that, during his PhD at the University of Zaragoza, Spain, he worked in different areas of theoretical physics, he says: “Basically on some mathematical physics problems inspired by String Theory and Quantum Field Theory. However,” he adds, “I am quite sure that my works in plasma physics have been most relevant to receive the award.”

Each year the Spanish Royal Physical Society and the BBVA Foundation honour one young theoretical physicist and one young experimental physicist with 4000 Euro. Nominees must be under 35 years old.