On Thursday 20 May MM. Philippe Busquin, European Commissioner for Research, the French Ambassador and the French Minister for Research and many other personalities gathered at Culham Science Centre in Oxfordshire (UK) to celebrate JET’s continuing role in the international quest for fusion power.

2004 is not only the 25th anniversary of the laying of JET’s foundation stone, but also the 20th anniversary of its official opening by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Major players in the international fusion scene, ex-JET staff and representatives of the local community attending this event, looked back on JET’s achievements since it started operating in 1983 and, perhaps more importantly, looked forward to its role in future fusion research. With the decision on where to build the next generation international fusion device, ITER, still pending, JET is currently the largest fusion device in the world.

M. Philippe Busquin spoke of the remarkable potential of fusion for contributing to the long-term energy supply and Europe’s role at the forefront of international fusion research. He emphasised the confidence of the European Union that it could attract ITER to Europe and referred to Europe’s readiness to adopt a broader approach in its fusion programme for the ITER phase, with the aim of rapid progress towards the ultimate step of a demonstration reactor.

Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith, Director of the UK’s national fusion research programme, read out a message from Prime Minister Tony Blair, in which he congratulated all concerned on the achievements with JET and added: ” I take very seriously the problems of climate change and security of energy supply… fusion is one of the most promising technologies that could help solve these problems… The Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser David King and I are both convinced that ITER, the next step in fusion, is an essential international endeavour and we hope to see the siting issue resolved in the next few months.”

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