Fusion research and economy? How do these two fit together? Well, they do! At least since the publication of the “Stern Review”, a report on the “Economies of Climate Change” published by the former head of the World Bank, Sir Nicolas Stern. Since then, the link between world economy and the urgent need for new energy technologies is an undisputed fact. Therefor, to hear that fusion was on the agenda at this year´s World Economic Forum in Davos might not come as a surprise.

Once a year, the world´s leading politicians, economic and social representatives meet in the – still – snow covered Swiss village, to discuss the world´s economy. Among them was Alexander Bradshaw, Director of the Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik in Garching/Greifswald presenting “Fusion as a source for future energy”. Introduced by Nobel-Prize Winner Steven Chu, Bradshaw talked about the basics of fusion research, the ITER project and the correlation between R&D money and the timescale to develop a fusion power plant.