A two day workshop took place in Madrid on 1-2 June, bringing together representatives from the Fusion Programme including Associations and industry. The event was an initiative of the European Commission, hosted by the EURATOM-CIEMAT Fusion Association. This workshop was an important element in the process conducted by the Commission to review the EU industrial policy for fusion.

The opening plenary session was devoted to seven presentations addressing:
• Industrial policy at CERN
• Role of Industry in the Ariane Programme
• Role of industry in the construction of Super Phénix
• Role of industry in the construction of Wendelstein-7X
• ITER challenges & readiness of ITER design for licensing and construction
• Know-how and industrial base developed during ITER-EDA
• Legal issues, IPR & European Legal Entity (ELE) Statutes.

These provided excellent background material and acted as a stimulus to the following working group sessions focussing on fusion specific issues.Topics addressed by the four working groups were:
• Industrial Policy Issues
• Legal and Contractual Framework for ITER
• Preserving/Developing Know-How & Developing Human Resources for the Medium Term
• Role of Engineering and Service Companies.

The Workshop was a great success in promoting the interaction between the Associations and industry and material produced during the event will be used in:
• The finalisation by the Commission Services of the ELE Statutes and the associated Pro curement System for ITER construction.
• The promotion of industry-Association partnerships for the development of key technologies for fusion energy.

The principal aim of the workshop was to give an opportunity for the key players to contribute to the review, by expressing their views and exchanging ideas on issues of concern. A further aim was to promote the interaction between the Associations and industry, which will be crucial to ensure transfer of essential know-how during the period of ITER construction and beyond. Of the 120 participants, there were around 50 from the Fusion Programme and the Associates and around 70 from industry. They included a wide representation from all over the EU, 16 of them from the new member countries.

The material will also be a valuable contribution to the preparation for the Awareness Workshop for European Industry on ITER. Date and venue of the event will be announced on the EFDA website.