”At 9 pm the fusor was run at around 30 kV with deuterium flow. Nuclear fusion occurred!” In its issue from January 26, the Financial Times Magazine published an article about Thiago Olson, a 17 year old schoolboy from Michigan, USA, claiming to have produced fusion in his father´s garage.

Although Thiago´s experiment, which he describes in every detail, reproduces a number of features which have been pioneered in laboratories during the 1960s and abandoned for more promising concepts, all the physicists reading the article must have been much impressed by this young man´s exceptional abilities both as a scientist and entrepreneur. The FT gives many details on how he conceived his experimental device, managed to acquire his equipment at very low costs and put it together successfully.


In his documentation titled “Neutron Activation Analysis using an inertial electrostatic confinement fusion device” Thiago concludes: “My apparatus does not produce more energy than I put in – that´s never been done, and if someone can figure it out, they´ll be set. My research with the fusor has just started.” And this boy seems to aim for more indeed. In a letter to the EFDA editors he announces that he is currently working on adding multiple magnetron ion sources to the reactor to increase neutron counts. “The neutron rate is now up to 290,000 neutrons/sec, and I have activated indium and manganese metals.”