In spring 2009, Fusion Expo went on tour in Poland. The tour started at University of Technology in Koszalin between 27th of May and 9th June, and moved on to University of Szczecin between 16th June and 15th July. After the summer holidays, two other cities welcomed the exhibition at their Universities: Łódź between 10th – 25th October and Katowice between 3rd – 21st November. Each stop on the tour was visited by, on average, around 3000 people.

The tour is part of an educational project for science teachers from all over Poland organised by the Polish Association IPPLM. The teachers participate in lecture sessions about fusion, visit fusion laboratories and subsequently introduce the topic to young people at school. For the Fusion Expo tour, the teachers motivated their local universities to play host to the show in order to help make high school students more familiar with fusion.

Special questionnaires had been prepared for visitors in Łódź and Katowice to find out how much young people know about fusion and what they have learned from Fusion Expo. The answers will help to improve the exhibition in future. We are waiting impatiently on the results.

Helena Howaniec, IPPLM