Hihlighting Autria's contribution to the field of fusion: Fusion Expo in Innsbruck

For the first time, the Fusion Expo has been shown in Austria. On the 3rd of November, the exhibition opened in the ICTTechnology Campus at Innsbruck University. More than 6000 visitors, among them more than 50 school classes, took the chance and walked through the exhibition. Guided tours were offered through the interactive presentations giving an overview of fusion research in general and the ITER project. The exhibition also stressed the Austrian contribution to the fi eld of fusion. A most welcome highlight was the “fl ight through a fusion reactor” and the presentation of another very special exhibition, “Plasma Glass – Light in motion”. The Institut für Ionen- und Plasmaphysik at the Leopold Franzens University in Innsbruck has a long tradition in plasma research. In the late 50ies, the young Professor Ferdinand Cap built up a working group on plasma and fusion research, which still represents a pillar of the University´s scientifi c programme.