Not only for boys: Young female students at the fusion expo in Wroclaw

The opening of the Fusion Expo on 12 September in the New Electricity Department building of the Wroclaw University of Technology doubled as the opening of the Lower Silesian Science Festival. Over the two-week period of the expo more than 3,200 people came to see it, including a large number of high school students. This demonstrates the high value of the expo as a tool for public information. In the last 4 years it has been exhibited in fi ve polish cities (Gdansk, Poznan, Krakow, Warsaw, and Wroclaw). The science festival was coordinated by Andrzej Zaleski, who leads a research group which has been carrying out EFDA technology tasks in the superconducting magnet area. The growing success of the festival demonstrates the emphasis placed on science in the region.