In July another step was made towards the ITER fusion reactor. The current in the superconducting Toroidal Field Model Coil, manufactured in the EU in the framework of the R&D activities for the “next step” machine, reached the operational value of 80 kA. This positive result is very important with regards to ITER operation.

Other good news reaches us from the Madeira Conference: Dr. Umberto Finzi explained in his message why the prospects for undertaking the Next Step in Fusion development have never been in the past as good as they are today. And while the ITER Negotiators meet in Canada, Spain is going to analyse the possibility of offering a site for ITER.

EFDA attendance to the Sustain 2001 exhibition allowed us to discuss energy issues with the large number of visitors who paid a visit to our stand. The result of such discussions supports our confidence to consider fusion as one energy option for the future.