With updates on scientific and technological progress, articles about current procurements, as well as news on events and publications, Fusion for Energy’s newsletter, F4E News, was launched in December last year. F4E News aims to inform the fusion community, energy and the environment policy makers, industry and small and medium enterprises about Europe’s contribution to ITER and the progress of the project. F4E News is published quarterly and is currently available electronically. Issues are sent via email to subscribers or can be accessed from the F4E website www. fusionforenergy.europa.eu. In future, paper versions of the issues will also be available.

To find the most recent issue of F4E News, please visit: http://fusionforenergy.europa.eu/f4enews/march2010/ Want to subscribe? Send an email to F4ENews@f4e.europa.eu and specify whether you want your copy of F4E News in an electronic or paper format.

Have you got an idea for an article or would you like to publicise an event in the calendar? Contact Samina Shamsie, email: samina.shamsie@f4e.europa.eu Samina Shamsie, F4E