Today we are making history in terms of international scientific cooperation. After long and difficult negotiations, the six parties to the international negotiations on the ITER fusion research project, meeting in Moscow, have decided that ITER should be located at the site proposed by the EU – Cadarache in southern France.

As a project of unprecedented complexity spanning more than a generation, ITER marks a major step forward in international science cooperation.

Now that we have reached consensus on the site for ITER, we will make all efforts to finalise the agreement on the project, so that construction can begin as soon as possible.

Commissioner Potočnik was accompanied in his visit to Cadarache on 3rd July by the French Minister for Research, F. Goulard, the former EU Commissioner for Research P. Busquin, former French Ministers for Research, F. d’Aubert and C. Haigneré, RTD Director General A. Mitsos, the Chief Administrator of CEA, A. Bugat and the High Commissioner for Atomic Energy, B. Bigot. They were welcomed by M. Chatelier, Head of the Fusion Department in Cadarache.