Some of the around 1200 visitors who came to JET from September through December 2012:

  • 330 school students, along with 46 teachers, including several groups from abroad, came to learn about fusion and JET
  • 177 university students attended tours and information days
  • 230 Industry members came for information and networking
  • about 80 scientists visited the facilities for discussions and information

Chief Scientific Adviser to the President of the European Commission, Prof. Anne Glover, came in November 2012 to see JET and to discuss European fusion research issues. “Bringing the Sun down to Earth is a good example of the amazing achievements of science,” Ann Glover said, “and we can all be inspired by these outstanding advances in delivering fusion energy.”

picture of Prof. Anne Glover visiting JET

From left: Tim Jones (Head of Machine Operations), Duarte Borba (Senior advisor to the EFDA Leader), Francesco Romanelli (EFDA Leader), Steve Cowley (CCFE Director), Anne Glover and Lorne Horton (Head of EFDA JET department)

Sponsored by the Chinese government, a group of Chinese investors toured renewable energy sector facilities in UK in late November 2012. As part of the tour they visited JET for a taste of energy research. “The members of the delegation are very excited to see JET, as we know the EU is a pioneer in energy development,” said Wang Rui, from the Investment Promotion Agency of China’s Ministry of Commerce.

Chinese investors at JET