The 15th International Workshop on Plasma Edge Theory recently took place in Nara, Japan. Discussing, among other things, Basic Edge Plasma Theory, and European research had a big impact on the event. Atsushi Fukujama, organiser of the International Fusion Workshop, estimated that about 35 percent of all presented outcomes were derived from European fusion research. Eight of the 14 talks were held by a European fusion scientist. For example, Bruce Scott from the German Max-Planck-Institute for Plasma Physics who presented ‘Gyrokinetic theory and dynamics of the tokamak edge’. Patrick Tamain from the French institute CEA Cadarache was also part of the international community of fusion scientists, which gathered at the Kasugano International Forum in the Japanese town of Nara. Tamain highlighted the interplay between plasma turbulence and particle injection in 3D global turbulence simulations.