On 6th October, the Contract of Association Euratom/IST celebrated its 20th anniversary in Lisbon, Portugal. This occasion, twenty years ago, marked the birth of formal nuclear fusion research in Portugal. The anniversary was attended by more than 200 people and consisted of a plenary session held at the Congress Centre of Instituto Superior Técnico. Manuel Heitor (Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education), António Cruz Serra (President of IST), Octavi Quintana Trias (Euratom Director) and Carlos Varandas (President of IPFN and Head of the Research Unit of the Association Euratom/IST) all delivered speeches regarding the history of the Association and its impact on the Portuguese and European research landscape. Prof. Varandas also marked the occasion by recalling the important role played by several personalities over the course of the last twenty years, and offered, as a symbolic gift, a book made specially to commemorate this event. Among the distinguished were Professors Tito Mendonça, first director of the Association, José Artur da Costa Cabral and Fernando Serra, former Heads of the Resarch Unit, Günther Hasinger, Director of IPP, Germany, and António Cruz Serra and Manuel Heitor.

Among the many guests were the Professors Sucena Paiva and Pedro Sampaio Nunes (former Secretaries of State of Science and Technology), Hardo Bruhns (former Head of the Associations Unit of the Euratom Directorate), Pablo Fernandez Ruez and Umberto Finzi (former Directors of the Euratom Fusion Programme), Francesco Romanelli (EFDA Leader), Roberto Andreani (former EFDA Associate Leader for Technology), Frank Briscoe (Director of Fusion for Energy) and Günther Hasinger (Chairman of the EFDA Steering Committee).The event was followed by an animated evening dinner bringing together all guests and many current and former collaborators of the Association.

Gonçalo Figueira and Carlos Varandas, IST