Y. Capouet and G. Lelli cutting the anniversary cake (Photo: ENEA)

On 8th July, the EURATOM-ENEA Association in Frascati, Italy, celebrated its 50th anniversary. At the event, which was attended by more than 150 people, Giovanni Lelli (ENEA Chairman), Aldo Pizzuto (EURATOM-ENEA Association Director), Romano Toschi, (Italian Representative at CCFU), Francesco Romanelli (EFDA Leader), Maurizio Gasparotto (ITER Department Director, F4E), Maurizio Lontano (IFP-CNR Director) and Giorgio Rostagni (Consorzio RFX Leader), all recalled the Association’s history and its main scientific and technological achievements. They particularly acknowledged the contribution of the first ENEA Director, Prof. Bruno Brunelli, and the first European Fusion Programme Director, Prof. Donato Palumbo. Octavi Quintana Trias (EURATOM Director) emphasised the Italian Association’s contribution to fusion. Alessandro Giordani, Italian Advisor to the Foreign Department of the Council of Ministers, emphasised the importance of ITER and Italian participation in this project, as well as the realisation of the FAST project as part of the EURATOM programme. Among the guests were Carlos Varandas (Chairman of the F4E Government Board), Yvan Capouet (Head of Fusion
Association Agreement, Euratom) and Ambrogio Fasoli (CRPP Executive Director).

Maria Polidoro, ENEA