The European Commission has proposed to launch a Strategic Partnership with Brazil. “The Commission suggests establishing an agreement between Brazil and Euratom, the European Atomic Energy Community, along the lines of agreements already in place with other countries”, says a Cordis Press Release. The proposal identifies “a wide spectrum of sectors and activities” in which the EU has a major interest in strengthening co-operation and developing a deeper dialogue with Brazil – with fusion being one of them. As Cordis puts it, “the agreement could either focus on the specific field of fusion, promoting Brazil‘s accession to the ITER project, or on broader areas of nuclear research. “Brazil is an important partner for the EU”, the President of the Commission, Manuel José Barroso said in a press conference following the announcement. “We not only share close historic and cultural ties, values and a strong commitment to multilateral institutions, we also share a capacity to make a difference in addressing many global challenges such as climate change, poverty, multilateralism, human rights and others. By proposing stronger ties, we are acknowledging Brazil‘s qualification as a “key player” to join the restricted club of our strategic partners.” More news are expected from the Brazil-EU-Summit-Meeting scheduled for the beginning of July.