In 1993 the European Commission issued a call for tender for the European industrial support to the ITER Engineering Design Activities (EDA) being performed by the European ITER Home Team, now represented by the EFDA  Close Support Unit in Garching. Following a competitive tendering exercise involving European wide industry groupings with an interest in fusion technology, a Framework Contract covering these industrial support activities was awarded to EFET (European Fusion Engineering & Technology) in April 1994. EFET is a European Economic Interest Grouping (EWIV) with its administration offices at Framatome Advanced Nuclear Power GmbH in Erlangen, Germany. It brings together major systems engineering companies from seven European countries: Ansaldo Ricerche (Italy), Belgatom (Belgium), Fortum (Finland), Framatome ANP S.A.S. (France), Framatome ANP GmbH (Germany), IBERTEF (Spain) and NNC (United Kingdom).

The Member Companies of EFET jointly cover all the major technology areas required for the design, construction and procurement of the systems and components of the next step fusion device. The range of EFET’s expertise covers areas as diverse as superconducting magnets, large mechanical structures, such as the vacuum vessel, and complex remote handling systems required for component inspection and replacement.

Since 1994, throughout the ITER EDA and its extension related to ITER-FEAT, EFDA in Garching has frequently relied on EFET’s expertise for the design, assessment and costing of systems and components for the ITER device, including fabricability investigations. These activities have also included safety, design and cost assessments of ITER as presented by ITER Joint Central Team (JCT) in their design reports at various stages of the ITER project.

EFET is also able to include the specific expertise of third-party industries from Europe when explicitly requested by EFDA, in particular in plasma physics areas.

Within the overall objectives of the European Fusion Programme, EFET has performed significant safety and design studies for future fusion power plant concepts (SEAFP, PPCS).

In addition to contributing to the final design report for ITER-FEAT, EFET is currently participating in the activities for the assessment of the possible European ITER site proposal at Cadarache (F) including related licensing activities.

The application of industrial know-how to the ITER design is very important to the success of the project. By pooling with the expertise and competence of its Members in the field of controlled thermonuclear fusion, EFET is able to provide such know-how and to support the European Fusion Programme in making the next step device an engineering reality.

EFET Contact
Mr. Edgar Bogusch EFET EWIV
c/o Framatome Advanced Nuclear Power GmbH
Freyeslebenstr. 1
D-91058 Erlangen, Germany

Phone: +49-9131-189 5314 Fax: +49-9131-189 5098