Training and career programme

Fusion research is a long-term endeavour. When ITER starts operating in 2018, it will need a large number of very experienced scientists to fully exploit its capabilities. EFDA lays the foundation for future fusion research by promoting the
next generation of scientists. With the start of the 7th Framework Programme, EFDA adopted the task of training fusion researchers from the European Commission. Within the framework of Goal Oriented Training Programmes and Fusion Researcher Fellowships, EFDA supports 50 fusion engineers and scientists each year.

For a period of five years, EFDA conducts Goal Oriented Training Programmes which provide funding for around 40 researchers and engineers every year. The programmes must address one of the high priority areas as defined by the EFDA Leader along with partner organisations, such as Fusion for Energy. Furthermore, eligible projects must be a collaboration involving at least three Associations. Each year, EFDA calls for proposals for certain high priority areas. Associations that have applied successfully may recruit their trainees – engineers or scientists who hold at least one relevant diploma – specifically for the training programmes. The training is based on a project of up to three years duration with clearly defined goals. Together with their personal supervisor, the researchers establish a Personal Career Development Plan as a guideline for the training process. The current Goal Oriented Training Programmes can be found here:

Fusion Researcher Fellowships support up to 10 post doctoral researchers each year. The grants are awarded within the Associations under the coordination of EFDA and run for up to two years. Every year, EFDA calls for proposals which must be supported and forwarded by the heads of the Associations. The research project must be carried out on a scientific or technical topic that is relevant to the objectives of the European Fusion Programme. The applying researchers mustalready hold an initial post-doctoral contract in a European fusion laboratory.