Physics on Stage 2 (PoS-2), an initiative for European physics educators, took place at ESTEC in Noordwijk (Netherlands) on April 2-6, 2002. CERN, ESO and ESA originally set up this annual event as part of the European Week for Science and Technology 2000. It is one of the milestones of the co-operation between the seven EIROFORUM partners (CERN, EFDA, EMBL, ESA, ESO, ESRF, ILL) on outreach and education activities.

The PoS project aims at motivating teachers and also provide them with information about current activities carried out in the leading European research organizations. This is very important as the tendency towards a lack of interest in physics by the younger generation nowadays mostly results from the lack of exciting lessons at school.

ESTEC welcomed at its headquarters 465 participants all involved with education, both teachers and members of national education programmes from 22 different European countries. The event consisted of a fair, live performances and workshops.

Chairman of PoS-2 was Prof. W. Ockels (ESA), ex-scientist/astronaut who flew aboard the US space shuttle Challenger in 1985 to conduct experiments in a multitude of disciplines in the German-organized Spacelab mission.

During the week various VIPs visited the festival, such as Commissioner Busquin and His Excellency Mr. L. Hermans, Minister for Education, Culture and Science in the Netherlands.

The EFDA stand was equipped with posters on energy issues, EFDA and JET, but also with the ITER model. The visitors showed great interest in using fusion CD-Roms and information material on the ITER and JET projects at schools and universities.

As a general comment we can say that it was very useful to be among the participants in the event, as we could not only answer the visitors’ questions on Fusion, but also offer to take the Fusion Expo to their premises and give talks on fusion at their schools or places of work.There was a pressing request for the research organizations to provide more support for the work of teachers. PoS-2 showed once more the necessity of informing the public and especially the schools and universities on what’s going on in our research establishments.

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