Cutting the bolts prior to the steel structure assembly. Photo: VTT Technical Research Centre

In 2004, a Remote Operation and Virtual Reality Centre (ROViR) was established in Tampere Finland, following an agreement with EFDA and EURATOM-TEKES to host the Divertor Test Platform 2 (DTP2) at the premises of the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) in Tampere. During the year 2005 the ROViR Centre was put in action and now the basic construction for DTP2 is done and ready to receive the remote handling tools.

Remote handling devices will play a key role in the ITER project, as the divertor system will have to undergo regular maintenance operations. The divertor system comprises a set of 54 cassettes supported on the inner and outer vacuum vessel walls by a pair of toroidal rails. Each cassette is expected to weigh eight to nine tonnes, their size will be approximately 3.5 x 0.8 metres. The cassettes will be sequentially removed from the machine in batches covering one sixth of the divertor region through 3 equi-spaced maintenance ports using remotely operated devices known as “cassette movers”.

There are already industrial projects running in parallel to the DTP2 platform for ITER. The Finnish company TP-Konepajat Oy won the contract to construct and deliver the steel structures for the platform. The cassette mock up is being constructed in Luxemburg, the Cassette Multifunction Mover (CMM) comes from Spain as well as the control system hardware. The software is developed in Finland.

All components are expected to be on site by spring 2007. In the next phase the CMM and the control system will be assembled.