On 31st January 2006 JET hosted a visit for staff from the nearby Didcot Power Stations, owned by RWE npower. Didcot A Power Station is a dual-fired (coal and gas) power station, capable of generating 2000 MW of electricity.The site also includes Didcot B, which is a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station that can generate up to 1360 MW of electricity. Together the power stations can supply enough electricity to some 3 million people, three times the size of Oxfordshire. The stations are approximately 5km from the JET site and were one of the positive factors deciding its location in Culham. Among other facts, our guests learned in detail about the JET remote handling system (photo) and JET power supply units. Emma East, Community Relations Co-ordinator from the power station said:

It was very popular with our staff. Engineers are always hungry for new information and ideas to expand their minds. We had such a good response for the visit from our staff that we’re hoping to organise another visit in the near future.