How can Europe implement fusion energy in the most efficient way? Approximately 100 European fusion researchers – among them the Heads of about 30 Research Units – met in Garching to discuss this question. The European Commission has asked the fusion community to deliver a Fusion Roadmap in the form of a realistic step-by-step plan which will enable the supply of fusion electricity by 2050. EFDA was assigned the task of designing the roadmap and proposed a goal-oriented programme that takes the outcomes of the recent reviews of the European fusion programme into account. After presenting the proposal separately to the Associates, the fusion community was invited to Garching to ensure that all views on the matter have been taken into account. Ultimately, the Roadmap needs to break the process of attaining fusion power down into specific projects and propose the amount of resources for Europe’s upcoming framework programme, Horizon 2020. EFDA intends to reach a final consensus on the Roadmap at the Steering Committee meeting which will take place in October.