Charlotte Sørensen, International Project Coordinator, Grundfos Management A/S

Wishing to participate in the forefront of the technological development, some ten Danish companies have created a network group. The network was created a couple of years ago with the support of the Association EURATOM-Risø. Its defined goal is to seek and share information about the possibilities for Danish companies to be involved in ITER construction. The group consists of market leading companies, representing some of the finest qualifications within Danish industry concerning engineering, plant system design, automation, water pumps, remote handling, vision, accelerator and magnet technology.

The creation of joint ventures between companies may be necessary in order to comply with the conditions in procurements packages. Therefore the Danish network is also intended as a nursing room for such joint ventures. In late 2006 the network spent a full day at JET in Oxford, in order to further understand the complexity and the needs of a fusion experiment. The visit was a success, giving all participants a broader understanding of the technology in a fusion plant.

Currently the network – with assistance from the Danish Embassy in Barcelona – is planning a trip to the new Joint Undertaking “Fusion for Energy” in Barcelona, enabling the network members to familiarize themselves further with the ITER procurement system. The network is not exclusive to the current members. New members can join anytime. Also the network would very much like to form liaison with companies having interest in ITER in other European countries.

For further information, please refer to or contact the network facilitator Søren B. Korsholm, at RISØ,