In January, Croatia became a full member of the European Fusion Programme. The country joined the European Union in July 2013. About one year earlier, Croatia had already taken up discussions with EFDA about possible collaborations within EURATOM. Between July 2013 and January Croatia participated in the European Programme via a Co-operation Agreement with CCFE.

The Croatian Research Unit (CRU) is based at the Ruđer Bošković Institute (RBI) in Zagreb. Besides RBI, it comprises five more partners: The Institute of Physics (IFS) in Zagreb; the Faculties of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (PMF) and of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER), both at the University of Zagreb; the Faculty for Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture at the University of Split (FESB); and the University of Rijeka (UNIRI). Head of Croatia’s Research Unit is Tonči Tadić, PhD, from the Ruđer Bošković Institute.
The CRU members have expertise in material sciences, superconductor research and nuclear technology as well as modelling. They therefore participate in the European Work Programme in the area of developing plasma facing components for ITER and DEMO and in the area of code developments for integrated tokamak simulation models. The research tasks of RBI lie in employing various ion beam facilities for studying plasma facing components and in developing numerical models of electric and magnetic fields. IFS and PMF focus on high-temperature superconductor research, laser spectroscopy methods for plasma diagnostic and in laser-based analyses of plasma facing surfaces (LIBS). FER participates in studies for balance of plant for DEMO. (Ed. Note: Balance of Plant denotes the sum of all systems that convert fusion energy into electricity, i.e. cooling fluid, turbines or generators.) FESB is involved in the modelling activities and the University of Rijeka in the analysis of plasma facing components.

The Croatian Research Unit also supports the Croatian industry in their efforts to participate in the European contribution to ITER. In a meeting held at the Croatian Employer’s Association in February, the CRU and a representative from F4E introduced about twenty Croatian companies to the ITER Project, to its business opportunities and to the requirements for doing business with ITER.