The course, taking place on November 8-14 2005 is aimed at training scientists and engineers by giving an exhaustive presentation of arguments and projects related to control of thermonuclear plasmas. There will be also time for discussions, analysis and comparisons of different lines and solutions in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The Course is held in the framework of the “International School of Fusion Reactor Technology “ located at the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture (Erice, Sicily, Italy). The programme of the Course includes the following topics: equilibrium, VDE, disruptions, Current Drive, Neoclassical Tearing Modes, Resistive Wall Modes, ELMs.

In the Course each subject will have lectures dedicated to physics and lectures dedicated to control techniques and experimental results. You can get information on the Course visiting the site

Directors of the Course are Drs. F. De Marco and A. Pizzuto of ENEA Frascati

For any inquiry you can contact Mrs. M.L. Sansovini
Tel. +39 06 9400 5602
Fax +39 06 9400 5147