Fusion meets electronics

The Czech Associate IPP.CR participated in the 19th international trade fair of electrotechnics AMPER 2011. 580 exhibitors from 21 nations met in March in Brno in the Czech Republic. IPP.CR exhibited a spare vacuum vessel segment of the COMPASS tokamak, along with several probes and information materials. An infinite loop of 140 images from the ITER construction accompanied the exhibit, which stimulated many questions regarding fusion. Most people asked: ‘What is the status of the ITER tokamak?’

picture of visitors at AMPER 2011

Image: IPP.CR

On the very first day of the event, the IPP.CR stall was selected for the purpose of a live internet broadcast. Three technology magazines, which were distributed at the fair, contained articles written by IPP.CR about fusion energy and Compass. At the national conference, ‘Energy for the future – Photovoltaic electric energy sources’, which was held within the framework of the AMPER trade fair, IPP.CR was invited to talk about ‘Fusion today and tomorrow’.

The fusion lecture was so popular that it was subsequently invited to take part in the International Conference ‘Sources of Renewable Energy’ which was held one week later in the Czech Republic. Due to its success at AMPER 2011, it was even assigned a 45 minute timeslot, more than twice the slot assigned to the other talks.

Milan Ripa, IPP.CR