On November 16, 2005, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) received the European Commissioner Janez Potocnik. He was welcomed for a tour of the Plasma Physics Research Center (CRPP) on the site of EPFL. Prof. Giorgio Margaritondo, Vice-President of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and Prof. Minh Quang Tran, EFDA leader and director of CRPP, accompanied and guided the Commissioner on the tour, which included a presentation of the fusion activities of the Euratom-Confédération Suisse Association, a visit to the TCV tokamak, and a visit to the European test stand Facility of the 170 GHz gyrotron, which is currently being built in view of ECRH use on ITER. Janez Potocnik noted that CRPP is a leading European competence center for gyrotron and ECRH plasma heating systems.