On September 10, 2002 Philippe Busquin (fourth from left), EU Commissioner for Research, visited TEXTOR, together with (from left to right) Prof. U. Samm (Division Manager IPP Jülich), MdB D. Nietan (German Member of Parliament) and Prof. R. Weynants (Division Manager Ecole Royale Militaire/KMS Belgium). Mr Busquin was especially interested in hydrogen technology and promised further EU support for FZJ on this subject.

Some like it hot: torus of TEXTOR, inspected by Commissioner Busquin and during an experiment. Since March 2001 TEXTOR has been modified by adding a “Dynamic Ergodic Divertor” (DED). You can follow the steps of this modification on


On December 6, 2002 TEXTOR will officially re-open. The new DED coil has already been successfully tested at the beginning of October.

The Institute for Plasma Physics in Jülich has been successfully working in the field of plasma wall interaction since the midseventies. In 1982 the fusion experiment TEXTOR started operation. It was especially constructed for extensive interdisciplinary investigations in the field of plasma and nuclear physics, material and surface research, as well as plasma chemistry.

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