The JET Experimental Campaigns of 2005 are scheduled to begin next July following a long shutdown and restart and preparations are now well underway. In June 2004, the EFDA Steering Committee approved the 2005 JET Workprogramme (Revision 1) and appointed the leaders ( for the nine Task Forces.

On the 17th September 2005 the first Call for proposals to participate was sent to the Associations ( The purpose of this call is to invite Associations, New Member States and Candidate Countries to submit proposals for experiments in line with the 2005 JET Workprogramme. The programme is focused strongly on the preparation of the ITER detailed design and ITER exploitation. Proposals should involve personnel with experience as Session Leader and other key competencies to ensure the highest scientific and technical standard. They should be submitted through an Association before 22nd October 2004 and, following assessment by the Task Force Leaders in collaboration with CSU (Culham), meetings are planned during the week beginning 22nd November 2004 to select proposals and prepare the experimental schedule for Campaigns C15-C17. Based on the outcome of these meetings, a second letter, planned for 6th December 2004, will invite the Associations to make available staff with appropriate competencies and to provide the relevant costings.