The fifth annual “Association Day on Fusion Technology” of the Association EURATOMÖAW took place on 7 December 2001 and was for the second time hosted by Plansee AG in Reutte, Tyrol (Austria). In co-operation with the Erich Schmid Institut für Materialwissenschaft of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Leoben, Plansee AG is participating in the development and testing of chromium alloys with a view to their possible use in future fusion power plants.

Guests were welcomed from EFDA Garching and the IAEA physics division in Vienna. An on-site presentation was made to participants on the production of Plansee High Performance Materials.

Junior and senior scientists currently active in these areas presented and discussed contributions to the EFDA Technology Programme in the fields “Nuclear data”, “Magnetic structure and integration”, “Materials development” and “Physics integration”. Guests from Garching were M. Gasparotto and C. Sborchia, who made valuable recommendations especially for the Materials Programme (reduced-activation ferritic-martensitic steel, SiCSiC ceramic materials, chromium alloys). This programme is one of the declared areas of interest and expertise of the Austrian Association.

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