Prof. Carlos Alejaldre, Head of the Association EURATOM-CIEMAT has been appointed by the Spanish Government as “Director General de Política Tecnológica”. He will now have responsibility for the strategy of the Spanish Government towards the large scientific and technological projects and facilities: fusion (TJ-II, JET, ITER), high energy physics (CERN), structure of matter (ILL, ESRF), space science (Large Telescope at Canary Islands, ESA) and others. The whole Fusion Community wishes to congratulate Prof. Alejaldre for his prestigious nomination and wishes him all the best in his new function. He will remain within the Fusion Community as a member of the CCE-FU (“Consultative Committee for the EURATOM Specific Research and Training Programme in the Field of Nuclear Energy Fusion”) but he has decided to step down from the leadership of the Association EURATOM-CIEMAT. Dr. Joaquin Sanchez (born in Madrid 1956), who has been working in fusion at CIEMAT since 1987, has been nominated as Head of the Research Unit. He started his career in the area of microwave diagnostics and collaborated in the TJ-I (Madrid, Spain), Wendelstein 7-AS (Garching, Germany) and ATF (Oak Ridge, USA) devices. In 1989 he became Head of the TJ-I experimental group and since 1993 Head of Diagnostics for TJ-II. Dr. Sanchez has also participated in the ITER diagnostics effort (as Chairman of the ITPA Specialists Working Group on Reflectometry) and has collaborated in the EFDA-JET experiments as Task Force Leader for Diagnostics (2000-2002).