On 20th May 2003 the Association EURATOM-ÖAW organised its annual Association Day on Plasma Physics, which was hosted this year by the Institut für Allgemeine Physik at TU Wien. At this meeting, scientists from Vienna, Innsbruck and Graz presented their current contributions to the EU Fusion Physics Programme.

Dr. Alberto Loarte from EFDA-CSU Garching gave a lecture on strategies and aims of the new European Task Force on Plasma-Wall Interactions. Groups at the Institut für Ionenphysik of Universität Innsbruck and at the Institut für Allgemeine Physik at TU Wien are investigating plasma-wall interaction phenomena and have expressed interest to contribute to the new Task Force and the accompanying technology programme.

In his lecture entitled “JET under EFDA: a cooperative effort”, Dr. Bruno Gonçalvez from the EFDA-CSU Culham presented an overview of the EFDA-JET Work Programme 2003 and showed the areas of special interest for the Association EURATOM-ÖAW, which are related to mass transport in the edge plasma, ELMs, alpha-particle simulation experiments, and fast He-beam spectroscopy.

The afternoon session was opened by a short introduction on general aspects and perspectives of the Sixth EU Framework Programme for research presented by Dr. Christian Seiser from the Austrian Ministry for Education, Science and Culture.

ELM (edge-localized mode) is an instability that occurs in short periodic bursts during Hmode in divertor tokamaks. It causes transient heat and particle loss into the divertor which enhance erosion. Small ELMs are useful for impurity / density control.

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