IPP scientists and their collaborators met at the Ringberg Castle, a conference site of the Max-Planck-Society, between 26th – 30th October 2009. This traditional annual gathering is organised primarily to discuss the scientific and technical aspects of the ASDEX Upgrade research programme, but it is also characterised by very rich and comprehensive discussions on the main topics surrounding fusion research. In total, in excess of 100 scientists attended the meeting, 27 of them from collaborating institutions of IPP. Among the invited guests and speakers were representatives of General Atomics’ DIII-D in San Diego, the ALCATOR CMOD tokamak group at MIT, as well as JET and ITER. This year the meeting focussed on the ASDEX Upgrade enhancements and the extension of operation to low collisionality plasmas, as well as on topics related to real time diagnostics, pedestal physics, physics of rotation and MHD (magnetohydrodynamics) issues. The conclusions drawn by of the meeting will have an impact on the hardware changes planned for the 2010 shutdown of ASDEX Upgrade. During this shutdown (Jan – Aug 2010) the first set of internal coils will be installed which will enable the study of the effects of resonant magnetic perturbations on ELMs. In addition, measures to improve the compatibility of ICRF heating with a full tungsten wall are envisaged.

Thanks to Duarte Borba, EFDA, and Josef Schweinzer, IPP, for their input