The meeting was attended by about sixty scientists, mainly from the Swedish research institutes. Amongst these, the Alfvén Laboratory of the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, the Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg, the Association EURATOM-VR, Stockholm, Studsvik Nuclear in Studsvik. Prof. V. Smirnov, director of the Kurchatov Institute, and Dr. R. Andreani, the EFDA Associate Leader for technology, were also present and gave presentations on the Russian fusion programme in the context of ITER and on the EFDA programme in view of ITER respectively.

The two days presentations gave a broad and interesting insight into the wide spectrum of activities conducted on fusion in Sweden: theoretical studies, experimental activities on EXTRAP and on JET, neutronics studies and experiments, materials and waste related theoretical and experimental activities, safety analyses, with important contributions from Studsvik on waste and decommissioning.

A visit to the installations of Studsvik Nuclear followed the meeting. This private company, part of the large Studsvik AB group, with 200 employees on site, is operating in the nuclear field providing a wide range of services. With two test reactors on site and hot laboratories, the main activities are:

• irradiation and test of fuel elements and materials for the nuclear industry;

• mechanical test laboratories for studies on materials resistance to corrosion in a radioactive environment;

• production of isotopes and semiconductor doping.

Large experience on decommissioning is available directly and through a large company of the group located in Germany.

The meeting was held in Studsvik on April 20th and 21st. It was dedicated this year to the memory of Anders Bondesson, a distinguished well known Swedish theoretician who recently passed away.

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