Fusion Expo draws over 20,000 visitors

“Fusion research is a big, but necessary investment for our children” concluded many visitors of the Fusion Expo, which was held in Bratislava, Slovakia, between 5 January and 18 February. The exhibition was hosted in the Avion Shopping Park and attracted more than 20,000 people.

Coordinating Fusion Expo brought a lot of inspiration for the future – we are already thinking about the next event


picture of Dušan Čaplovič

Having fun with the plasma ball: Dušan Čaplovič, chairman of Slovak parliament Committee on Education, Science, Youth and Sports. (Picture: Michal Matejka)

“The shopping centre is well-known for running science programmes for schools on a regular basis” explains Viera Haverlíková, a Comenius University scientist, who coordinated the exhibition. She and her colleagues enhanced the Fusion Expo with a range of special programmes: Visitors were able to discuss various fusion related topics with scientists and several hands-on plasma and magnetic experiments were performed. Additionally, visiting school students were able to participate in a moderated discussion game about future energy resources.The programme drew almost 3,500 school students and, on average, classes stayed for almost three hours. Teachers pointed out that the event was an important opportunity to show pupils what sort of topics are tackled by science today. Many of the teachers found that the exhibition raised questions even in students, who are normally not interested in physics.