The conference organised by the University of Wisconsin (Madison) has gathered more than one hundred participants in a nice university environment and offered worldwide contributions from eleven countries.

The introductory speech was delivered by Prof. H. “Jack” Schmitt, a former senator and astronaut in the Apollo programme.

Specific sessions were dedicated, among other topics, to ITER, safety issues, experimental devices and reactor studies.

Presentations included a review of the US activities both in magnetic and inertial fusion.The ITER project was represented by two main contributions presented by Dr. V. Chuyanov and Dr. P. Barabaschi. The European technology activities in support of ITER were reported by the EFDA Associate Leader for Technology, Dr. R. Andreani.

The conference presented also an interesting review of the American and Japanese fusion technology programmes. The two countries appear to have very strong relationship and many collaborative programmes in fusion, in particular in the field of materials.

Conference contributions can be downloaded from the conference web site: