Agreement for Fusion Technology Centre signed

On 24 January 2011, the Spanish Centre for Energy, Environment and Technology (CIEMAT), the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid signed an agreement to regulate their cooperation in the research project “National Centre for Fusion Technology – TechnoFusión” and to create the TechnoFusión foundation.

TechnoFusión is a nationally funded materials research facility exclusively dedicated to the needs of fusion science. When completed, the centre will offer, for the first time, all the necessary infrastructures and expertise for fusion materials research in a single location: A production area for manufacturing new materials, extensive characterisation and irradiation facilities, laboratories for Plasma Wall Interaction as well as for liquid metal technologies and for remote technology and computer simulation areas.

TechnoFusión is one of the outstanding scientific-technical installations planned for Spain. The agreement is a significant step towards its realisation, as it defines the administrative framework and thus how the facilities will be built. Within the next three years, several million euros will be invested – the exact amount is currently being defined. Start of operation is planned for 2015-2016, provided the availability of the budgetary resources. The total investment for the infrastructures could reach about 80 Million euros.

Contact: Angel Ibarra, Association EURATOM-CIEMAT
angel.ibarra AT ciemat DOT es,

A travelling exhibition financed by EFDA

logo Fusion Expo

Where is Fusion Expo?
26 June – 2 July, 2011: 2011 EPS Conference, Strasbourg, France

contact: Tomaž Skobe, tomaz.skobe AT ijs DOT si


logo KIT

5th Karlsruhe International School on Fusion Technologies 2011
19 – 30 September 2011

Invited are students of engineering and physics from technical high schools and universities, and PhD students and post-docs in relevant subjects. Leading scientists from KIT as well as international Partners will give an overview on key fusion technologies and their current status.

Integrated Tokamak Modelling Code Camp
11-22 July 2011 in Prague

The EFDA Integrated Tokamak Modelling Task Force (ITM-TF) periodically invites modellers, which contribute to ITM-TF, to meet and work together in “Code Camps”. The next one will focus on Plasma Control issues and core transport modelling – mostly the adaptation of physics modules for the use with the European Transport Solver (ETS) – as well as validation and verification of the ETS.

Participation is supported by EFDA mobility.