Dear reader,

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The year 2012 has seen the completion of a process started early in the seventh framework programme: the definition of the long-term European activities in fusion. Through EFDA, the Commission requested the European fusion community to produce an ambitious and realistic roadmap to fusion electricity by 2050. I want to thank all Associates and the experts involved for their contribution to this achievement. It is now necessary to secure the resources for the roadmap implementation in the upcoming framework programme, Horizon 2020, and to start preparing for the detailed execution of the roadmap missions.

After the successful experimental campaign in 2011/12, JET scientists presented the results from the ITER-Like Wall to the global fusion community. Their findings are, on the whole, very positive for ITER. This was recognised by the ITER Director General during his visit to JET in July, where he emphasised the continuing role of JET for ITER. JET will carry out a series of dedicated experiments this year in support of the final decision on the tungsten divertor in ITER. An important step forward in the collaboration of the ITER parties on JET has been made in 2012 with the launch of a project with India to perform the design and the R&D for the ELM control coils. We are looking forward to increasing the collaboration with other ITER parties in the near future.

The EFDA Physics Department has set a course towards a transition to a more goal oriented approach, coherently with the fusion roadmap. The positions in the Department have been widely renewed during 2012 and there is a large motivation to develop the activities on a more focussed basis. The EFDA Power Plant Physics and Technology Department has substantially advanced many of the assessments originally launched in view of the preparation of the Horizon 2020 activities in this area – an important achievement for the preparation of the fusion roadmap.

Throughout Europe, we have seen promising research results and encouraging progress. I would like to express my respect for the work done and encourage us all to keep the spirits and efforts up during this year.

Let me take this opportunity to give you my best wishes for the year 2013.




Francesco Romanelli