Culham Centre for Fusion Energy (or “CCFE” for short) is the new name for UKAEA Culham. An organisational change at the end of October, which comes as a result of selling the decommissioning sector of UKAEA to Babcock International, was a wonderful opportunity to rebrand fusion work at Culham. The resulting logo and style has been chosen to reflect a new identity that represents the aspirations of the senior management team at Culham to be at the forefront of the realisation of fusion as a new energy source. The new logo was designed by the in-house Culham Publications Services team and represents stylised fusion plasma. At the same time, the Culham Communications Group launched a new and much more dynamic website that should attract many more fusion fans. You will also find that email addresses which had previously used the suffixes ‘’ and ‘’ now end with ‘’. Check the new website out at
Jenifer Hay, CCFE