Jan Rosen, Prague, March 2007

Grandfather Josef together with grandson Josef engulfed by the concept of fusion energy.

“My grandfather Josef, born 1920, is very interested in fusion. He saw an educational programme on TV and he has been talking about it since then. He believes that this way of energy production is the only environmentally pure source of energy. One day he asked me if I could find some more information on the Internet. I started to search and found the web pages of EFDA. There was a list of information materials available in the Czech language and a contact to Aline, your secretary. I wrote her an e-mail and asked for several materials. She contacted Mr. Ripa from the Institute of Plasma Physics in Prague and we made an appointment. Mr. Ripa was very kind and gave me a lot of materials. Moreover he is a big fan of cross-country running and so am I. I prepared these materials as a present for our „name-day“ party as both my grandfather‘s and my brother‘s name is Josef. So on the 19th of March we celebrated a big party and this year almost all members of our family participated. We gave Josef, the elder, our presents, the main present being the fusion material. We had a lot of fun and now every time I see my grandpa we are talking about fusion.”