The European Consortium for the Development of Fusion Energy (EURO fusion) is a consortium of 29 national Research Units representing Europe’s fusion laboratories. It manages European fusion research activities on behalf of Euratom, which awards the appropriate grant to the consortium. As you are reading this, the final steps are being taken to release this grant to the Fusion Community with the signing of the agreement by EUROfusion and the European Commission/

EUROfusion funds fusion research activities within the European programme in accordance with the Roadmap to the realisation of fusion energy, often referred to as the Fusion Roadmap. is Roadmap outlines the most efficient
way to realise fusion electricity. It is the result of an analysis of the European Fusion Programme as undertaken
by all Research Units within EUROfusion’s predecessor organisation, EFDA.

EUROfusion activities are implemented by the EURO – fusion Programme Management Unit based in Garching, Germany, and in Culham, UK. EUROfusion’s ultimate decision making body is the General Assembly, which comprises representatives of all Research Units.