At their Sixth Negotiations meeting on October 29 – 30 in Rokkasho-mura the delegations continued to progress towards implementation of the project. M. Kimura, the Governor of Aomori Prefecture, emphasized that Aomori would like to host ITER and contribute to the international community through the promotion of the project.

Further progress was made in many areas, including the implementing treaty (the Joint Implementation Agreement), procurement allocation and the intellectual property rights that would accrue to participants in the project. The Negotiators agreed that the international organization responsible for implementing the project would be known as the ITER International Fusion Energy Organization. Furthermore the Negotiators were reported on the ongoing process of the Joint Assessment of Specific Sites (JASS). The JASS ad-hoc group has so far completed assessments of the Clarington and Rokkasho-mura sites. The final two site assessments – at Cadarache (France) and at Vandellòs (Spain) – will be held in December. The JASS report will be finalized by early 2003 and drafting of the Agreement should be completed by mid-2003.

The next Negotiations meetings will be held in Barcelona (Spain) on December 9-10, 2002 and in St.Petersburg (RF) on February 18-19, 2003.

The Japanese Government decided to propose Rokkasho-mura in the Aomori Prefecture, situated in the northern part of the main island, as an ITER site.

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