Momentum towards construction of the ITER fusion project increased as delegations from Canada, the European Union, Japan and the Russian Federation met from September 17 Р18 in Toronto to negotiate the implementation of the project. A notable accomplishment in the framework of the Negotiations was the start of the process for candidate site assessment as a group of international experts began the assessment of Canada’s proposed site at Clarington.

Agreement on arrangements for the transitional phase towards the possible joint im-plementation of ITER in 2003 was also significant. These arrangements would continue under the auspices of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), represented at the Negotiations meeting by Dr. R.E.H.Clark.

Significant progress was made on an extensive range of issues, including matters such as the implementing treaty (the Joint Implementation Agreement) and organizational structure. The delegations agreed that the current CTA International Team Leader, Dr. R. Aymar, would be nominated as Interim Project Leader on commencement of the ITER Transitional Arrangements.

Over the next few months, the negotiators and technical experts have a full schedule of meetings with a view to finalizing the Joint Assessment of Specific Sites by early next year and completing the drafting of the Joint Implementation Agreement by mid-2003.

Canada’s formal bid to host the ITER project is based on the Clarington site. It is located in the province of Ontario near the city of Toronto.

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