The traditional appointment with the biennial Symposium on Fusion Technology conference comes this year to Italy.

The 23rd SOFT will be held in Venice, from 20 to 24 September 2004, in the Giorgio Cini Foundation, on San Giorgio island, just in front of San Marco square. A truly wonderful venue for this event.

Responsible for the conference organization is Consorzio RFX, the Padova Research unit of the Euratom-ENEA Association.

Scientists and engineers will meet to exchange information on design, construction and operation of fusion experiments and on the technology for present fusion machines, the next step and power plants. Industry will participate as well through an industrial exhibition, to present the issues and results of their collaboration to fusion research. An R&D exhibition will be devoted to the presentation of the activities in the European Associations.

The very special venue shall help focusing the media attention to fusion as an important and eco-compatible energy source compatible with a sustainable development, specially with the expected decision on ITER construction.

23rd SOFT information: