On 23rd June 2005 the Association EURATOM- ÖAW organized the annual Association Day on Plasma Physics at the Technical University in Graz. At this meeting Austrian research groups presented their current contributions to the physics programme and recent results. Guest lectures were given by Dr.B. Unterberg (FZ Jülich) on the dynamic ergodic divertor at Textor and Dr.M.Watkins (EFDA-JET) on present status and future plans at JET to help prepare for ITER. The Association was very pleased to welcome Dr.R. Giannella as a new member of the Association Steering Committee at this year’s Association Day. The host of the meeting, the Institut für Theoretische Physik, has been cooperating for several years with IPP Garching and FZ Jülich on developing and benchmarking new numerical codes to study transport and heating in toroidal confinement devices. The lecture by Dr. Unterberg was complemented by a presentation of Dr.M. Heyn (TU Graz) on “the electromagnetic field of the dynamic ergodic divertor in the kinetic description of the tokamak plasma.” The meeting was also attended by representatives of the EFDA Close Support Unit Garching and the Jožef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana (Slovenia).

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