The 10th Annual Seminar of the Association EURATOM-Tekes was held at the Tampere University of Technology on 1-2 June 2004. Over 50 fusion physicists and engineers representing Tekes, VTT, universities and industry participated in the seminar. The talks and posters presented a summary of the research activities of the Finnish Association during the past twelve months. The topics covered Tekes contributions to the EFDA JET work programme, EFDA technology programme and ITER-related industrial activities. The clear focus areas of the Tekes activities are scientific exploitation of JET in physics and the vessel/ in-vessel field in technology. These cover over 70% of the Finnish fusion effort.

Physics presentations included the recent trace-tritium experiments at JET and predictive integrated transport modelling of JET plasmas, material transport studies in the ASDEX Upgrade (Germany) tokamak and molecular dynamic simulations of hydrocarbon sticking and tungsten blistering. Technology-related talks dealt with in-situ mechanical testing of materials under neutron irradiation, virtual reality techniques and water hydraulic manipulators in ITER divertor maintenance, welding robot system and beam welding studies. Contributions from industry concerned development of advanced superconducting wires by Outokumpu and 3D forming of thick stainless steel plates for ITER vacuum vessel manufacturing by Hollming Works.

The EFDA Leader, Prof. Minh Quang Tran gave an invited talk on European contributions to ITER covering the fusion technology aspects and heating systems. The main message of his presentation was that Europe has expertise in all key technologies needed for ITER. His presentation inspired a lively discussion on ITER and future EFDA activities.

The freshly published Annual Report 2003 of the Association EURATOM-Tekes was distributed to seminar participants.

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