The two winners of the Italian webcast from a secondary school in Modena, were offered by EFDA a trip to Oxford (UK) for a visit to the JET tokamak located on the Culham site. During the English Webcast a live connection to JET gave the possibility to Dr. J. Pamela, the Associate EFDA leader, to explain the role of EFDA. Dr. J. Silver, a guest from Culham, explained how his invention in the field of health, water glasses, could help people in the developing countries to solve the problem of manufacturing spectacles for correcting eyesight.

“Internauts” from all over the world were also invited to find out what modern Europeans can’t live without and how vital fundamental science research has been in the creation of modern technology. For entertainment, for example, the personal computer is a clear winner as the device was considered most essential by all Europeans. This hit parade of technological marvels is the result of this year’s phone and online survey conducted by the Sci- Tech…couldn’t be without it! Team. The live event showed the fascinating opportunities that lie ahead in the world of research.

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